Vision & Mission


To bring higher education within the reach of all those who seek it on a non-discriminative basis and help the students to evolve into competent individuals and responsible members of society.


  • To instil and sustain in the students a lasting desire to seek knowledge and to impart to them the skills to acquire it.
  • To kindle in the students an awareness of their rights and responsibilities and to impart to them the basic human values to evolve into thinking, independent and self-respecting women.
  • To help the students acquire a scientific temper in the process of learning and strive for sound knowledge in the disciplines of Humanities, Science and Commerce.
  • To inculcate team spirit and leadership skills in the students to ensure success in their professions and to assure career responsibilities.
  • To inspire in the students a deep sense of pride for the nation and its culture along with a progressive and global outlook.